Installing DBI and DBD::mysql on debian 7

This docs describes the installation and configuration of DBD::mysql, the Perl DBI (database interface) driver for the MySQL database. It is used to connect perl scripts to mysql database and perform operations. The modules can be downloaded from i.e. DBI and DBD::mysql. Manual installation illustrated below.

The build-essential packages are required. If not available install using the command apt-get install build-essential.

DBI Manual Installation

root@debian1:/opt# tar -zxvf DBI-1.631.tar.gz
root@debian1:/opt# cd DBI-1.631/
root@debian1:/opt/DBI-1.631# perl Makefile.PL
root@debian1:/opt/DBI-1.631# make
root@debian1:/opt/DBI-1.631# make install

DBD::MySQL manual Installation

root@debian1:/opt# tar -zxvf DBD-mysql-4.026.tar.gz
root@debian1:/opt# cd DBD-mysql-4.026/
root@debian1:/opt/DBD-mysql-4.026# perl Makefile.PL  --mysql_config=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config  --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql
root@debian1:/opt/DBD-mysql-4.026# make
root@debian1:/opt/DBD-mysql-4.026# make install

Verify the modules are installed properly

root@debian1:/opt/DBI-1.631# perl -e 'use DBI'
root@debian1:/opt/DBD-mysql-4.026# perl -e 'use DBD::mysql'

The output of the above command should be bank, means installed properly.



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