Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6 Setup

Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) is a high availability and high scalability, solution for MySQL clustering. Percona Server, Percona Xtrabackup and Galera library for high availability integrated together as PXC. It provides synchronous, multi-master, and parallel replication. All the nodes of this cluster are ready to serve read/write request simultaneously.

Installing Vagrant and Virtual box on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Vagrant is an open source tool for building complete virtual development environment. Very often, test environment is required for testing latest release and new tools. Also, reduces the time spent in re-building OS. By default, it uses virtualbox for managing the Virtualization. Vagrant act as a central place configuration for managing/deploying multiple reproducible virtual environment with the same configuration.

Installing Virtualbox:

Building Galera Cluster for MySQL

Galera cluster uses Galera library  for the replication implementation. To interface with Galera replication, Codership has enhanced MySQL server to support replication API definition in the wsrep API project. The implementation of the replication API in MySQL server, happens in open source project: MySQL-wsrep.

In this Galera Cluster setup, I have taken 3 nodes to illustrate.

Installing DBI and DBD::mysql on debian 7

This docs describes the installation and configuration of DBD::mysql, the Perl DBI (database interface) driver for the MySQL database. It is used to connect perl scripts to mysql database and perform operations. The modules can be downloaded from i.e. DBI and DBD::mysql. Manual installation illustrated below.

The build-essential packages are required. If not available install using the command apt-get install build-essential.

DBI Manual Installation

Xtrabackup: Setup Hot backup solution for mysql

One of the most important and daily activity of DBA is taking backup and restore operations. Some times also required to create a new replicated server (Slave), which can be easily made possible with xtrabackp utility. The restore and backup is very fast as compared to traditional backup utility. The tool can be downloaded here.

MongoDB: Replication (Replica Set)

Setting up replica-set in mongodb is show below. Three node replica-set on single server to demostrate. It will have a unique port and log files. Latest version of  mongodb can be downloaded from the link.

1 Make three directory in data directory.

[root@centos4 data]# mkdir a
[root@centos4 data]# mkdir b
[root@centos4 data]# mkdir c

2 Start mongod process.

Read Compressed MySQL Backup files

Sometimes, we need to search specific data available in compressed MySQL backup files. Tools are avaiable to perform normal operation on compressed files, using the powerful Linux Z commands. It's not possible to uncompress n number of huge files. Even after uncompression, the file size goes beyond 100+ GB.

Senario 1: Searching months of compressed mysql backup files for a specific data.

Disable root ssh login on linux

Disabling root login on linux, is extending secutiry on linux server. It's an another layer of security. 

Step by step process show below.

Add an adminintrative user, before disabling root ssh login on linux.

1. Add the user 'osadmin' on linux.

[root@localhost ~]# adduser osadmin
[root@localhost ~]# id osadmin
uid=501(osadmin) gid=501(osadmin) groups=501(osadmin)
[root@localhost ~]# ls -lhad /home/osadmin/
drwx------ 2 osadmin osadmin 4.0K Jul  8 03:18 /home/osadmin/

2. Set the password for the user 'osadmin'.

Installing Zabbix on CentOS

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source software for monitoring of networks and applications. It is designed to monitor and track the status of various network services, servers and applications. It offers advanced monitoring, alerting, and visualization features.

This is a step by step guide on "Installing Zabbix on CentOS" for MySQL monitoring. Monitoring mysql will be posted in seperate article.

Install Apache httpd

[root@localhost ~]# yum -y install httpd

Start httpd service

Installing MongoDB on Windows 7

MongoDB is a open-source, high performance, NOSQL database. Server (mongod.exe), Client (mongo.exe) by Installing through binaries is one of the simplest and  most easiest way. It's a zip file contains only binary executable, no installer.

This is a step by step guide to install mongodb on windows 7.

Download Mongodb

Installing MongoDB on Linux

MongoDB is a open-source, high performance, NOSQL database. Server (mongod), Client (mongo) by Installing through binaries is one of the simplest and  most easiest way. It's a zip file contains only binaries

This is a step by step guide to install mongodb on any Linux flavour (RHEL/CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu).

Download MongoDB

PAC Manager: Best SSH/telnet manager for Linux

PAC manager is a GUI application for easily managing SSH/telnet connections on linux. It has all the features of commercial SecureCRT tool. It supports macro, cluster connections, RDP & VNC and lot more. It provides an tray icon area for quick access of the configured connections.

PAC Manager can be downloaded from here.


Monitor website using apachetop tool

Apachetop is a tool similar like mtop, mytop, top. It displays real time web server statistics. Apachetop parse log file and generate human readable output. It's a simple command line utility, used to monitor real time traffic.

Syntax below:

apachetop -f /var/logs/httpd/access.log 

Multiple log file can be provide to monitor.

Manual Link: